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Can anyone deliver best practice?

  • Most advertising agencies are still learning about Google for Jobs now. Enhance Media have been working on schema (the power behind the most important part of Google for Jobs) over 5 years before it was included in the platform.
  • We’ve already successfully implemented Google for Jobs for clients in the UK, US, South Africa and many more.
  • We have been experts in SEO for over 14 years. Our company was built on recruitment SEO and we conduct more recruitment SEO research than any other company in Europe.
Google for Jobs List of Jobs

Even with a solution that shows jobs in Google for Jobs there are many things that can go wrong:

  • Locations can be listed incorrectly.
  • Salaries are guessed by Google if missing.
  • Job descriptions can be cut or displayed incorrectly.

One of the biggest issues is links can easily take candidates to job boards and not to your careers site, making all of your work pointless. Our solutions ensure this doesn't happen and that your job posts rank highly on Google for Jobs.

Be compatible with Google for Jobs

Become compatible and then optimised for all Google for Jobs searches.

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