See Google for Jobs in Action

Step 1 of 5.
A normal job search is entered

Click the search button to open results.

See Google for Jobs in Action. Normal Search

Step 2 of 5.
A new search results page

Everything above the fold is Google for Jobs.

Click ‘more jobs’ at the bottom to see the full search results.

See Google for Jobs in Action. Results Page

Step 3 of 5.
Inside Google for Jobs

Here you see the full Google for Jobs interface, with the search bar at the top, search results on the left, and full job information on the right.

Candidates can also use the bookmark icon to add jobs to their ‘saved’ tab.

Click on ‘Title’ in the top bar.

See Google for Jobs in Action. Inside Google for Jobs

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Filtering and Advanced Searching

Candidates can filter jobs using almost a hundred choices across seven criteria, all without ever leaving Google.

Click on the “Job Details button” in the job.

See Google for Jobs in Action. Filtering and Advanced Searching

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Direct links to the Employer Site

Finally candidates can go directly from Google for Jobs to your career site, bypassing all paid media and giving you a free, highly qualified source of candidates. But only if you are optimised for Google for Jobs.

Click to see the process again.

See Google for Jobs in Action. Direct Links to the Employer

Be compatible with Google for Jobs

Become compatible and then optimised for all Google for Jobs searches.