First steps – a Google for Jobs audit

Executive Summary

Parts 1 & 2 – Executive Summary

Our comprehensive Google for Jobs audit starts with an executive summary:

  • Understand whether your site is technically ready for Google for Jobs.
  • Understand how close your site is to Google for Jobs best practice.
  • Get a clear picture of whether your existing site can be fast tracked for Google for Jobs compatibility, meaning the solution is low cost and easy to implement.
Analysis of Your Careers Site

Parts 3 & 4 – Analysis of Your Careers Site

The audit moves onto a more detailed analysis of your site’s readiness for Google for Jobs, including sections on critical requirements, elements required for high ranking (in Google for Jobs) and best practice recommendations.

This leads onto a technical audit analysing the 23 best practice elements considered by Google when assessing your careers pages. This list is invaluable as it delivers the required actions to get listed on the platform.

What your ATS needs to do

Parts 5 & 6 – What your ATS needs to do

Your applicant tracking system (ATS) is an essential component in your Google for Jobs solution. The audit reviews the current feed of jobs from the ATS (if it exists) and makes recommendations for what needs to be updated to achieve Google for Jobs compatibility and follow best practice. If you adopt our Google for Jobs plug-in we can bypass some of the limitations of your ATS .

If no feed exists, we also provide the spec for your ATS company or web site developer to be able to implement a best practice feed for Google for Jobs.

Next step options and a Google for Jobs business case

Parts 7 & 8 – Next step options and a Google for Jobs business case

Finally, we will provide a clear set of options for implementing Google for Jobs compatibility and best practice. This will include multiple options to move forward and we will explain these to you clearly on a phone call or in a face to face workshop.

These options can be undertaken by Enhance Media as part of one of our Google for Jobs solutions, or by your existing partners. Additionally, we will provide you with a ready-made business case tailored to the findings of your audit showing the potential ROI of investing in Google for Jobs to use for internal buy in. In short, everything you need to secure future budget.

Be compatible with Google for Jobs

Become compatible and then optimised for all Google for Jobs searches.