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Standard Solution


Strong starting point for success with Google for Jobs

Full readiness for Google for Jobs across the careers site and ATS.

  • Full technical set-up
  • Additions and deletions management
  • Branding and company information pulled into Google for Jobs

£8,000 - £15,000

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Advanced Solution


Optimised Solution & Our Google for Jobs plug-in

Substantial competitive advantage being ‘optimised’ for Google for Jobs rather than ‘compatible’.

Includes the full standard solution, plus Enhance Media’s proprietary Google for Jobs website plugin. Optimises your site for Google for Jobs listings regardless of the limitations of your ATS system.

Real-world benefit of being listed above competitors in Google for Jobs.

Standard solution plus £7,000

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Premium Solution


Bespoke Solution: A Customised Google for Jobs Search Module

The marketing leading Google for Jobs solutions. Includes best practice search, best practice candidate user experience and best practice conversion.

Seamlessly swap your job search page and job description pages with a module built from the ground up for Google for Jobs, user experience, self-selection and increased application rate.

The perfect solution for Google for Jobs also provides longevity as everything can be controlled by your careers site (and careers site agency).


Interested in Premium

Be ready for Google for Jobs

Become compatible and then optimised for all Google for Jobs searches.